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Haiti Mission Project

Our main focus in Haiti is Callebasse Christian School. It is situated in the Kenscoff Mountains just south of Port Au Prince. Principal Nixon Dorlus is the administrator for the school where over 80 children attend each day. They walk up and down the mountains to reach the school. We help support the 8 teachers who provide an education and care for the children, as well as provide lunch each day.

The language spoken in Haiti is Creole, a mixture of French and African dialect, although the children are taught in French. Our project began in 2002, and since then I have made

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19 visits to Haiti. I have taught the children several simple songs in English and they love to sing for us. It is heartwarming to visit the school and see those happy, smiling faces! Nixon also leads a Sunday School where over 120 attend to hear God’s word and to sing songs of faith. Teams from 4 to 8 travel with me, and we are able to take supplies and gifts for Callebasse Christian School, and funds to provide food bags for the families. Because of your support, we are able to continue this very worthwhile project.


Our HiH - Homes in Haiti Project - is a fairly new addition to our outreach in Haiti. In response to the desperate need for housing, we began our HiH Project in 2011 to provide homes for families in the Callebasse area. Our goal is to provide 25 clean, safe homes for those in need. To date we have sent funds for 18 homes. Nixon coordinates this project and hires Haitian workers to build the 12’ by 18’ homes with an open front porch. We are very fortunate to know and work with Nixon, who is so enthusiastic and so concerned about the children in Haiti. He is a respected community leader who works tirelessly to make life better for his people. On my last visit, Nixon and I visited several of the new homes and blessed them by placing a plaque on them - “BLESS THIS HOUSE donated by your friends at Bethel-Maidstone United Church”. You are invited to add a block to our latest HiH project. Each block is $20. With only a few more blocks to add, we will soon be able to send $3500US to build house number 19.  THANKS SO MUCH!  Click here to view some photos of our projects.


THANKS to all of you who support this project. Fundraisers include our Pasta Dinner, our Haiti Walk In The Park & BBQ, our Haiti Dinner at A-1, and our Haiti Mission Auction. Your generosity is overwhelming! Your support makes all the difference!


The teachers, students, families and the Callebasse Community all say, “MESI!” and “BONDYE BENI OU!” “THANKS!” and “GOD BLESS YOU!”


For more information please contact the church office.

Bethel-Maidstone United Church

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