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The United Church Women are a group of very active ladies in the congregation, tasked with fulfilling God's purpose through their outreach.  Meetings are generally held in the afternoon.  The friendship committee provides pastoral care to the community, sending cards or visiting shut-ins, and anyone who is ill or grieving.

The Outreach committee collects donations for the Downtown Mission, as well as Hiatus House and other charitable organizations who are in need, such as the Leprosy Mission, Medical Electives, World Development and Relief, and the Essex Presbytery Bursary Fund.

The ladies of the church also participate in the Church's many endeavors, providing

ingredients and helping hands for several fundraising dinners, bake sales, Lenten services

and Presbytery dinners. 

Fellowship, sharing, and serving others as God has called us to do is the primary focus

of the United Church Women.  All ladies are invited to join us!

Bethel-Maidstone United Church

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